Creating A Job Listing

NrgEdge believes in connecting regional and global Energy, Oil & Gas industry employers with employees of all experience levels. The NrgEdge Job Portal allows companies to list available opportunities and users to search and apply for jobs. 

Companies can list Internships, Part-Time, Full-Time and Contract jobs on the Job Portal. 

To create a Job Listing for your company, you need to be verified by NrgEdge as a Manager of your Company Page. See the Help Topic on Adding and Editing a Company Page if you have not been granted access. You can also apply to be the Manager of your Company Page here:

Creating a Job Listing

  1. From your Company Page, select the Publish A Job option.
  2. Fill in the relevant Job details. You can add specific Desired Competencies for skills you want applicants to have.
  3. Submit your Job listing. 

You will be able to view and edit all your Job listings and view applications from the Manage Jobs option on your Company Page. 


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